Moreland City Brass band

Art groups in Merlysnton
Blank Canvas 6 Lens St, Coburg North VIC 3058
Norm Warehouse 14 Lewis St, Coburg North VIC 3058
Space tank Studios 9 Warner St, Coburg North VIC 3058
Big House Arts 9-11 Hocking St
 Magnet Rehearsal & Recording Studios 11 Roosevelt Street Coburg North
Artists all sorts
Maggie Chiara Cowling and  Piero Pompeani   1 Mantell St, Coburg North
Jerry Galea a freelance editorial photographer
Fern Smith  Fern Artz art studio Lorensen Ave Melrynston
Antony Saunders at Space Tank studios

Jane_Holroyd (writer)

Past partnerships for projects and festivals

Grants and partnerships
Multicultural Victoria  is committed to facilitating the needs of Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
Moreland Council Celebrating Place Grants Program –  funding festivals and events in areas of the municipality that have limited arts or community activities provided by Council.
Collaborative Cultures are a non-profit incorporation which assists in creating an arts environment focusing on art and cultural diversity.
Nelson Alexander Real Estate
Pasta Classica North Coburg
Jon Ravech Pharmacy
GC Risk Support Services
Rainwise Sydney Road, North Coburg
Merlynston Milk Bar
5 Merlyn Street, Merlynston
St Linus Anglican Church
Cnr Delta Avenue & Glyndon Ave, Merlynston
The Welcome Shop, Merlyn Street, Merlynston

If you are an artist or group or micro business in North Coburg and want to be part of our community  send us a line. 🙂


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