2016-2017 Progress Hall budget submission

  1. The decision not to include funding for the restoration of Merlynston Progress Hall in the 2016-2017 draft budget is an oversight.
  1. In December 2015 Moreland City Council acknowledged that Progress Hall is a valuable asset to the community.
  1. Council has a legal obligation to maintain this heritage-protected asset.
  1. The community’s need for Progress Hall has been clearly established and acknowledged by council.
  1. Council’s Expression of Interest process to seek funding partners is unlikely to be successful without a firm financial signal that it has committed to the hall’s restoration.
  1. The Merlynston Sustainability Group calls upon Moreland City Council to commit at least $600,00 to Progress Hall in its 2016-2017 budget; the amount identified in 2015 by its independent assessor, Construction and Building Design Pty Ltd.

This submission is made by the Merlynston Sustainability Group: Gabrielle Castree, Fern Smith, David Seignior, Jane Holroyd, Andrew Alves, Sebastian Furness, Diana Furness, Miki Perkins, Margaret Chambers, David Chambers, Richard Giles, Emma Cornish Giles, Angela Stock, Peter Vesk, Liz Round, Jeff Wybrow, Anne McGaan,  Mathew Jessop


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