Progress Hall budget submission 2015-16

This week the Merlynston Sustainability Group will make two submissions to the City of Moreland proposed 2015-2016 budget, in which Progress Hall gets a brief mention under ‘Places and Spaces’.

Council has proposed a $40,000 feasibility study into the “use and purpose” of Progress Hall in its proposed budget. The reference can be found in Attachment 1 at Key Documents under ‘Moreland Places and Spaces’ at the proposed budget summary. Link here.

The Merlynston Sustainability Group’s submissions are as follows and we would urge other Merlynston / Coburg North and Fawkner residents make their own online submission here before Wed May 27th 5pm.

Submission 1
Merlynston Sustainability Group would like to thank Moreland City Council and councillors for working with us over many years to return Merlynston Progress Hall to the community. We believe the Merlynston Progress Hall initiative is a worthy project under Places and Spaces.
We believe the need for Merlynston Progress Hall (use and purpose) has been well established and acknowledged by the community and by Council.
We request that Council change the budget statement to reflect community and councillors’ discussions-to-date to the following: Council refer $40,000 to determine what is required to make Merlynston Progress Hall fit-for-purpose.

Submission 2
Merlynston Sustainability Group would like Moreland City Council to purchase the Uniting Church site at 22 Orvieto Street.
We believe that these adjourning sites provide a unique and rare opportunity for Council to develop an arts and cultural precinct for the Moreland community, north of Bell Street, in the North-East ward.
Merlynston is well-placed for such a precinct as it is accessible by all City of Moreland residents by bus, train, tram and by bike (Upfield and Merri Creek paths).
This active, engaged community, which has a demonstrated passion for arts and culture, also has the interest, ability and capacity to work in partnership with Council.


One Reply to “Progress Hall budget submission 2015-16”

  1. what I sent in
    I am requesting Under Attachment 1 Point 9 of Morelands Places and Spaces
    “Conduct a feasibility study into use and purpose of Merlynston Hall ($0.040M)”
    The wording change back to what was supported and stated by the Moreland’s Dept of Infrastructure and supported in the April 8th 2015 Council meeting.
    To conduct a detailed investigation of the building (Merlynston Hall ) to establish the cost of refurbishment (fit for purpose) and financial models to enable the commencement of the refurbishment. This investigation to be completed by the first quarter of the financial year 2015/2016 ($0.040M)

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