Proposed Residential Zones

Do you know how the Victorian Government’s planning changes and neighbourhood rezoning will affect Merlynston, North Coburg? Here is a good story from The Sunday Age, June 29, 2014 on status of changes in north and western suburbs of Melbourne.


3 Replies to “Proposed Residential Zones”

  1. Since moving to Merlysnton seven years ago Morelands population has increased by nearly 20,000. The roads are busier, the bus service has increased and the train service has put on more carriages. Clearly our area is changing, planning would and will help.

    But how should it be done?

    The Sunday Age clearly identified a preferential treatment with early hand in of applications and that some councils may be penalized for handing in on time.

    I would like to know if;
    Was there a clearly identified ‘early bird’ hand in preference?
    Is there accountability in the application assessment process?

    In defense of Moreland handing in on time but not early was they held community consultations and (is it true) nearly the entire staff in Moreland Planning changed during that time.

    As a resident I find the process by both State and Local governments to very vexed and lack of accountability appears to be on the agenda.

      1. No I believe Moreland Council handed in on time however councils who handed in early have already been assessed positively . Which would lead to the question how will the councils be review and assessed by the State Government? Would it be positive or negative. Based on the argument put in the Sunday Age.

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