Merlynston 3058

Sustainability Group’s community website. It’s here you’ll find news about our “little suburb thinking big” – including Greening Merlynston,  Save Progress Hall campaign, our local music festivals, markets and much, much more. We’d love you to get involved and help make our community stronger, more vibrant and more sustainable.


Greening Merlynston part of the Upfield Urban Forest

Sunday 26 March 10.30 am – 3 pm:
Propagation at Greening Merlysnton Stall – Merlynston Market Bain Reserve
Sunday 30 April:
Morning Planting Sanger Reserve, between Shorts Rd and Lily St.
Sunday 28 May:
Planting at Bain Reserve and Ararat Avenue Linear Forest
Stay tuned for time
Sunday 25 June:
Planting Sanger Reserve, between Guilfoyle Ave and Warner St
Stay tuned for time


Saved in 2016 when $500,000 was set aside by Moreland Council to restore the Hall . Stay tuned after eight years lobbying by the community. Like our Face Book pages
 Save Merlynston Progress Hall  pages and Reclaim Progress Hall

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    1. Thank you Richard if you see anything that needs a tweek or proffer a suggestion please let me know. thanks dont for get to click “follow me” on the news page and you will get automatic updates. cheers fern

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